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How try Profitquery PRO Options for free for WordPress


You could enable free trial period one time and for 3 Days for each domain that you have. Profitquery PRO options do not work for localhost websites (fro ex. https://localhost) or website which has domain address like an IP address (for ex.

How does it works?

Enable any pro options for choosing tools. We have 3 pro options read more about pro. Then click Activate on the plugin main page and click Start Free Trial. You will see a notification that your request successfully sent. Then you need some wait 10-15 min (time to create for your domain pro filename which enable pro options). If you have not already used the trial and your website have a real domain name you will receive a letter from Profitquery.
Please remember, that after free trial period will end some of your tools could be disabled if you use pro themes.

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